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Antibody testing is now available at our office– should you get it?

Antibody testing is now available at our office– should you get it? 
The antibody (a serologic blood) test may show whether you have been infected with Covid-19 and suggests some level of immunity. 
Along with our laboratory partner Quest Diagnostics, Davidson Family Medicine is now offering this Covid-19 Antibody testing through a venipuncture draw performed safely inside our office or outdoors. 
Who might consider antibody testing? Most people do not need antibody testing at this time. People who might consider this testing include 1) healthcare workers and 2) those who think they may have had Covid-19 or its symptoms 3 or more weeks ago. 
These tests are not intended for diagnosis of Covid-19. That would be done through a nasopharyngeal swab (and is called a molecular or PCR antigen test.) For anyone with suspected Covid-19, please contact our office so that we can perform a virtual visit and facilitate this testing through Atrium or Novant. 
If you feel that ANTIBODY testing would be helpful, please call our office to schedule the venipuncture followed 3- 7 days later with a 10-15 minute virtual or telephone visit for your provider to explain the results. This follow-up visit will be billed to your insurer and should be covered 100%. During this follow-up visit, your provider will provide recommendations based on your individual history and other medical problems.  
A note about the test:  These particular Quest antibody tests are authorized by the FDA under the CDC Emergency Use Authorization.  These tests should not be confused with other tests that may be offered elsewhere that are not FDA authorized under the EUA.  We have extreme confidence in the validity of the results or we would not be providing them at this time.   
Details :  Quest uses one of 2 tests:  1)  the Abbott IgG test with 100% sensitivity and 99% specificity (page 6 in the product package insert), and 2)  the Euroimmune IgG test with 98.5% sensitivity (top of page 9 in PI) and 99 % specificity (page 9 in package insert).  
In other words, a negative test when performed after 2-3 weeks of symptom onset accurately assesses whether a patient has had a previous Covid-19 infection.  A positive test means that the patient has had the infection.  There may be some immunity, for how long we do not know at this time. Each individual case is different, and part of the follow-up virtual/phone visit is to review the results to give you and your family guidance based on your history of symptoms, underlying medical condition (if any), and guidance going forward. 
There is no simple “negative” or “positive” for these tests. One thing is certain, regardless of the result, social distancing, wearing a mask in public, and protecting the immunocompromised among us should be continued. 
We are happy to help during this time. Please feel free to call us with questions.