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Testing for active Covid-19 infection is now available in our office.

No need to go anywhere else. Accurate, reliable, and available when you need it.

Davidson Family Medicine now has ample reliable and trustworthy  Covid-19 testing capability through our national lab partner Quest Diagnostics.

If there is a need for you or your family to test for infection with or without symptoms, we can do that (safely) here in the office with results in 3-7 days.  There is no need to travel to an unknown CVS, urgent care clinic, or hospital lab center for these tests. 

The Quest PCR test, which is performed through a naso-pharyngeal specimen, is extremely sensitive and specific. It is more accurate and should not be confused with the “Abbott PCR rapid test” that is being performed elsewhere.  CVS has given no details about who is performing their tests, the reliability of their tests, and results are not rapid.  Click here for the details of the Quest test. 

Examples of testing situations:

  • An employer is requiring testing for work re-entry.
  • You or a family member develops symptoms of Covid-19.
  • If there is a need to test before visiting relatives or friends to confirm lack of disease.
  • We continue to offer the IgG antibody blood (serology) tests to determine if a person has had active infection in the past.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions.