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Attention United Healthcare Network Patients

Davidson Family Medicine will be departing the United Healthcare network effective 2/1/2020. 

We did not come to this decision lightly as we have been with United Healthcare since our inception in 2001.  The costs of providing personalized quality health care to our patients increases every year. These costs include our extra time spent with patients, technology advancements, and cost-of-living increases for our employees and their families.  The reimbursement that we receive from United Healthcare significantly lags other major insurance companies and does not come close to achieving even a cost-of-living increase. This is despite the yearly increases in premiums and deductibles that you no doubt have had to pay as a patient.

During this open enrollment period through December 15th, we are hopeful that you might be able to change to one of the many insurance plans for which we are in-network.  These include BCBSNC (all plans except Blue Local), Cigna, Medcost, BrightHealth, and Aetna. If you are unable to change, due to your employer’s contract with United Healthcare, we encourage you to discuss options with your Human Resources Department moving forward.  

Davidson Family Medicine will be happy to see you and your family as an out-of-network provider.  We will provide the appropriate documentation of your visit to receive out of network benefits from United.  We will work to keep your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum in order for you to continue seeing us as your health care provider.  In fact, out-of-network patients receive a significant discount for our services.

We value all of our patients and treasure the relationships that we have built during these past 19 years.  Any change in those relationships is painful to us as your healthcare medical providers. We hope to continue those relationships during these uncertain times in the healthcare world.

If you have any further questions, please contact your insurer at 877-843-3210 or your employer’s human resource office.