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Attention DFM patients who are moderately to severely immunocompromised or unable to receive Covid-19 vaccines due to severe allergy to its components:

DFM has limited supplies of the human monoclonal antibody EVUSHELD (tixagevimab-cilgavimab) for the prevention of SARS CoV-2 infection. It is a one-time injection given every 6 months. It is authorized by the FDA for emergency use. A single dose each of EVUSHELD reduced the risk of symptomatic infection by 77 percent compared with placebo over a period of three months. If you feel that you qualify, please contact our office or message through portal to discuss with your healthcare team.

Examples of immunocompromise:

· Current treatment for solid organ cancer

· Taking antimetabolites such as methotrexate and hydroxyurea

· Taking TNF blockers such as Humira, Remicade, Simponi, Cimzia, Cosentyx, Enbrel

· Taking prednisone greater than 20 mg/day

· An organ or stem cell transplant recipient taking any immunosuppressives

· Absence of spleen

Evusheld does not replace the Covid-19 vaccines and may not be appropriate for patients with high risk of cardiovascular disease. Please discuss with your health care team.