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Pfizer Booster Available For High-Risk And Senior Patients

Davidson Family Medicine is pleased to announce that we are scheduling booster shots for patients needing a Pfizer booster.  This Pfizer booster is for certain patients who are at least 6 months from their second Pfizer.  As of now, this is limited to Pfizer and to those patients who are 65+ or have an underlying health condition such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or with a suppressed immune system, and people ages 19 through 64 with occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2, for example teachers, healthcare, and essential workers..  Just call our office at (704) 892-5454 to schedule.

Soon, we anticipate that the CDC will approve both Pfizer and Moderna boosters for other groups.  We coronavirus booster vaccinationalso anticipate that the initial Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be boosted with Pfizer or Moderna.  When the FDA approves these boosters, we will begin offering these to our patients who need them.  There is no reason to have to get these at a pharmacy or grocery store.

Please remember that flu season is here and that flu shots can and should be given in conjunction with the SARS-CoV-2 boosters.

We are also continuing to test for Covid with rapid PCR and antigen tests.

We are happy to help all of our patients through this pandemic for any and all prevention, testing, and treatment.  Hang in there – we feel that the Spring will bring healthier times!