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Y-90 Zevalin



Yeast Skin Infection

yellow fever vaccine

Yellow Fever Vaccine: What You Need to Know








Young-Adult Health

Younger-Looking and Healthier Body After Quitting Smoking

Your Baby's Movements During Pregnancy

Your Baby's Pyloric Stenosis Repair: Before Surgery

Your Baby's Pyloric Stenosis Repair: Returning Home

Your Child and the Dentist

Your Child's Cardiac Catheterization for PDA: Before the Procedure

Your Child's Cardiac Catheterization for PDA: Returning Home

Your Child's Cochlear Implant: Before Surgery

Your Child's Cochlear Implant: Returning Home

Your Child's EP Study and Ablation: Before the Procedure

Your Child's EP Study and Ablation: Returning Home

Your Child's First Vaccines: What You Need to Know

Your Child's Hernia Repair: Before Surgery

Your Child's Hernia Repair: Returning Home

Your Child's Orchiopexy: Before Surgery

Your Child's Orchiopexy: Returning Home

Your Child's Skin Graft: Before Surgery

Your Child's Skin Graft: Returning Home

Your Child's Tonsillectomy: Before Surgery

Your Child's Tonsillectomy: Returning Home

Your Child's Wound Debridement: Before Surgery

Your Child's Wound Debridement: Returning Home

Your Corticosteroid Inhaler: Making It Easier to Breathe

Your Family Medical History

Your Health Care Agent: How to Choose Someone

Your Home Health Center

Your Hospital Stay: Going Home

Your Hospital Stay: Moving to Another Care Facility

Your Medicare Yearly Wellness Visit

Your Teen's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Your Toddler: Nutritious Meals for Picky Eaters

Your Toddler: Safe Ways to Explore




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Flu shots are here!

In addition to the regular flu vaccine, we also have the extra protective flu vaccine recommended for those 65 and over.

Davidson Family Medicine will file your insurance.

To get your flu vaccine administered by trained medical staff that you know and trust, call in at 704-892-5454.

Stay healthy this flu season and get your flu vaccine.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sam Hughes to our practice! Dr. Hughes is a Davidson College graduate and earned his medical degree from Wake Forest School of Medicine, where he also completed his residency.

He enjoys the diversity of family medicine, particularly working with all ages and focusing on preventive care. Sam’s favorite activities include hiking, biking, and spending time with his wife and yellow lab.

Visit our website, or call (704) 892-5454 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hughes.

Sam Hughes, MD