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Ways To Break The Habit Of Touching Your Face

We all do it. We watch others do it all the time. Our mom used to tell us to stop doing it.

That nasty habit of rubbing our eyes, or touching our nose and mouth is now more than just annoying. Even the CDC is telling us to stop. How many times have you just touched your face reading this far?  It could be boredom or a nervous habit, but let’s look at some ways to break the habit of touching your face.

It’s A Thumbs Down From Everyone Now

You probably are making a real effort to wash your hands frequently, but infections can live on surfaces for various periods of time. If you touch an infected surface like a door knob or counter top and then your face, it won’t matter how many times you’ve washed your hands, as you can still get sick.

This isn’t new information and has been true for the common cold, the flu season each year, and now other new viruses. Touch your nose, eyes, or mouth, and it’s an open highway to your body.

Doodle vector illustration with man head and touching face hands. Don't touch your face lettering phrase.

Pay Attention

Easy to say, we know, but it can be done. Maybe you won’t eliminate it entirely, but you can cut down on the times you revert back to old ways.

Most of us don’t even realize we are touching our face.

  • Start paying attention to others and note how often it happens. This may help you to abstain the next time.
  • Does someone at work continually rub their eyes while they work on their laptop? Note what you are doing as you work and it might help you become more aware.
  • Try using a particular scented perfume that you will smell when you lift your wrist to touch your face. This may help trigger you to stop the motion.

Identify Your Triggers

All of us have certain causes or triggers for our behavior. Once you identify them, you can find a solution.

  • If you find yourself scratching or rubbing your eyes all day, maybe switch from contacts back to glasses for a while to relieve the dry eye problem.
  • Keep a box of tissues at your reach. Grab one when you need to wipe your nose or eyes, or just have an itch.
  • If you thoughtlessly find yourself touching your face while you are on the phone, put your hand in your pocket.
  • Find some way to keep your hands busy. Sit on them, use a stress ball, fold them together. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” is another one of mom’s best quotes.
  • Put up multiple silly post it notes where you are continuously going to see them.

We will never be able to permanently stop touching our faces, but making an effort, being aware, and identifying triggers can help. If all else fails, wear a mask and gloves to cut down on this habit. Plus, you will be better prepared for the next flu season.

As always, contact Davidson Family Medicine if you have any worrisome symptoms. Testing for active Covid-19 infection is now available in our office.

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (704) 892-5454 or request an appointment online today!