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We are excited to offer our infants, pregnant patients, and seniors protection against RSV! Simply call (704)892-5454 to schedule your or your infant’s RSV immunization.

For the first time ever, we now have protection for our infants, pregnant individuals, and adults 60+ years of age against a dangerous virus.
Davidson Family Medicine is excited to offer BEYFORTUS administered specifically for your infant to prevent RSV. The Beyfortus antibody immunization is now available at our office for all newborns and babies under 1 year of age. Simply call our office (704)892-5454 to schedule or ask at your baby’s well-child exam this fall and winter.
We also have the Abrysvo vaccination available for pregnant individuals 32 through 36 weeks’ gestation and for all individuals 60+ years of age in a one-time vaccination.
Why protect against RSV?
Two out of three infants are infected with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) during their first year of life and almost all children are infected by their second birthday. In the U.S., RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization in infants under 12 months, averaging 16 times higher than the annual rate for influenza. Approximately 75% of infants hospitalized for RSV are born healthy and at term with no underlying conditions.
Who should get Beyfortus?
➡️ Beyfortus is administered to infants in a one-time injection and can be administered with any other childhood vaccine. Side effects are mild and infrequent (<0.3%) and include injection site redness and rash. (It is not needed if the mother had the RSV vaccine during pregnancy.)
Learn more about Beyfortus (must log into facebook to view link).
Who should get Abrysvo?
➡️ Abrysvo is administered as a one-time vaccination for pregnant individuals 32-36 weeks of gestation and individuals ages 60+ years. Although it can be given with other vaccines, we usually administer it separately or along with the flu vaccine.
We are excited to keep you and your family protected against RSV, and look forward to seeing you soon!