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Do You Need A Physical Every Year?

Do you need a physical every year? The short answer is YES. Now you want to know why it’s important. Keep reading to discover the importance of an annual physical.

The Value Of A Wellness Visit

When you feel just fine and have no aches or pains, you may wonder why you need to see Davidson Family Medicine. The first reason is to remain feeling well, hence, a wellness visit. You set a baseline, and each year your physician can assess your overall health and suggest preventative care.

Based on your age some of the most important information includes the following:

  • Risk factors for certain conditions and diseases
  • Family history of diseases
  • Your lifestyle, like smoking
  • Current Medications

The most important discussions with your physician should be about your medical history, any chronic issues you may have, and if there are recommendations about lifestyle issues.

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Based on all this information, your physician can determine what tests you might need and how often. Blood tests may be conducted every year or every six months depending on your age.

If you have risk factors for diabetes, your physician will look for symptoms you might not even have considered, and test your glucose level. If you have a family history of heart disease, cholesterol will be checked.

These tests will enable your physician to recommend changes in diet, suggested exercise, and possible medications.

Preventative Care

If someone is overweight, Davidson Family Medicine can review the risks associated with obesity and heart disease in order to prevent it from occurring.

If your blood pressure is borderline high, there are ways to reduce this tendency through diet and exercise before blood pressure medications are needed.

A physical can help to keep you up to date with any needed vaccines like the flu, pneumonia, shingles, hepatitis B, and HPV. This is now recommended for adults up to age 26, and even those ages 27 to 45 can find it beneficial.

Keeping Up to Date With Screenings

Certain screenings are important and should not be overlooked. Annual visits will keep you up to date with these screenings:

  • Colon Cancer screenings are recommended for everyone over age 45. A colonoscopy is the most effective.
  • Mammograms should be performed annually from age 45 to 54, and then every two years thereafter.
  • PSA tests or prostate specific antigen tests are to detect prostate cancer. Talk with Davidson Family Medicine about whether this is recommended for YOU.

In addition, your doctor may schedule bone density screenings.

Don’t Fudge With The Truth

It is essential that you are candid and completely truthful. Your physician can’t help you if you don’t tell the truth – and the whole truth.

  • Be honest about any drugs you take, both legal and illegal.
  • Be up front if you are depressed. Mental and emotions issues are common, but can’t be treated if you don’t talk about them.
  • Don’t lie about sexual behavior. Your doctor won’t judge you.
  • Be honest about how much you smoke and drink.

To schedule your physical or wellness visit with Davidson Family Medicine, please call (704) 892-5454 or request an appointment online.